Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Nutrition and plans

I took the Kaiser Nutrition class this morning. I learned some interesting tidbits. For instance, I didn't know that vitamin C really helps the absorption of iron, so much so that the instructor recommended eating something with vitamin C at every meal and with every iron supplement. She said I'll probably be put on iron supplements soon due to twins.

I sure wish they could have given me better guidance on this as soon as we learned we had 2 babies brewing. I was clueless as to what foods I needed to increase and by how much. It's no wonder I suffered protein deficiency, which she said was rare in pregnancy, because I didn't realize I needed 5+ servings every day. Protein has been very difficult for me to tolerate as the foods seem so heavy and increase my nausea while it decreases my appetite. Thank goodness for Boost/Ensure!

She gave me a hand-out on nutrition when pregnant with multiples, which is handy. She also told me that she does private appointments for women with multiples and wanted me to ask my OB for a referral. That will go on my list for tomorrow. It's getting to be a puffickly huh-yooge list!

My list so far:
1. How will you treat this multiple pregnancy different from a singleton?
2. How often do you recommend I see a perinatologist?
3. We were told if the twin makes it to 14 weeks, we're pretty safe to assume he/she will make it to delivery. May we get an ultrasound just after 14 weeks? We really also want the sac sizes monitored closely.
4. May I have a referral to the nutritionist for a private appointment regarding nutrition for twins?
5. What might we expect and should we be prepared for in terms of this pregnancy, especially given my age and that it's twins?
6. We know twins come early. When should we be prepared for delivery to occur?
7. When should we take the childbirth classes and infant care classes?
8. What help can we get for learning hypnobirthing techniques?
9. Are you okay with us trying to do things as natural as possible?
10. What is the NICU like in our hospital?
11. Will a perinatologist be available at our delivery?
12. Will I have a choice of anesthesiologists?
13. Would I be allowed to try to deliver without an epidural?
14. Would I be allowed to try to deliver in a birthing room or are all multiple births handled in the operating room?
15. What exercises may I do?
16. What exercises should I do?

I can't think of anything else for now.

After being inspired by the nutrition class I went grocery shopping. I did really well for the most part. I bought some spinach, some egg-free salad dressing, mixed nuts, Carnation Instant Breakfast, organic milk with DHA, eggs with DHA, cookies (I know they are bad but I love cookies), organic yogurt, bananas, strawberries, and the usual other stuff.

I'm going to look at, and probably buy, a tandem stroller tomorrow. Dave and I have been looking at this same model online but we just can't afford it new. The new verson is about $700. This used one is $150. We can probably resell it for about the same price after we get some use out of it. I tried to find a picture but for some reason it's difficult to find now. I'll post a photo if/when I get it. The really neat thing about this stroller is that it has bassinets for the babies for when they are infants and then seats for when they are bigger.

We're also looking into a Snap-n-Go stroller, but the issue with that is the car seats it uses. I have difficulty lifting many car seats Dave and I tested at Baby Detpot so we're looking at getting some more sturdy ones that just stay in the car and work for babies from infancy to the toddler years. I know it's handy for most people to be able to take the baby out of the car in the car seat without disturbing the baby. I need both arms just to lift one baby in a car seat. It would be too difficult to attempt to lift 2 babies in 2 car seats, especially since I have a 5 pound limit with my knackered right arm.

We may get the bigger more permanent car seats to stay in the car and then get some inexpensive infant ones for traveling, for use in the other car, and for my mom to use if she ever takes the babies. I have some questions about the Snap-n-go and I'm hoping to find someone that can answer them. The problem with looking at everything online is that there is no customer service representative available to help. The problem with looking in the stores is that there is usually no customer service representative available to help. ;)

For carrying the babies around, I'm going to try to use a sling. There are many that work with twins. We also want to use cloth diapers. We'll probably use Tiny Tots diaper service, at least for the first several months. Cloth diapering will be cheaper, better for the environment, and better for baby bottoms.

As you can see, we've been giving this a lot of thought already.


Jocasta and Wayne said...

Hi there, if you go for the infant capsules you should get the ones that snap on to a base in the car. The others you need to thread are far to fiddly with twins and you will be spending all your time out strapping them in and out. I hired mine as you only need them for 6 months. I use a cheap stroller to get my girls to and from the car now and that works well. The two things we haven't been able to survive without is bouncers and the tiny love playgym - it's big enough for both and you can change the toys.

jtguttman said...

If I had to do it all again, I would start with the convertible seats too (big ones that stay in the car). Mine grew out of the infant carriers too quickly, but they were given to us so at least we didn't shell out all the money for it. It really would be best for your situation. It is a PITA to strap them in and out all the time, but in the long run it's better. The stroller you are looking at getting sounds great! Is it the one where they can face each other in the seat? I would love that one, even now!

kaaron said...

Excellent questions for the doc! I may just have to borrow them :)