Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!

Dave and I chose today to tell the masses about the pregnancy. Sadly, I wish we were ready to tell everyone about the twins. Still, it was fun to send the e-mail out to everyone in the address book. My uncle wrote back asking if it was an April Fool's joke. I bet some others thought the same but were waiting for me to send another e-mail to say it was just a joke. Heheheee.

It would have been soooo much better if we could have said it was twins, but we'll have to wait another couple of weeks. That's when Engracia at the infertility clinic said the true test would be for the twins. She said if we can make it to 14 weeks then it would be pretty safe to say - and tell the masses - that we are actually having twins. I sure hope my OB will give me an ultrasound right after 14 weeks to make sure twin-B is in good shape, otherwise that announcement will have to wait until the ultrasound on May 6th. I know it's just over a month from now but it seems like forever to wait.

I have my first official OB prenatal appointment Thursday when she'll do all the important things - the full workup. I have a huge list of questions for her. Oh boy.

I have a nutrition class tomorrow at Kaiser. It's about 2 months too late, but it will still help.

I wanted to say a big thank you to Karen and Dede for all the nice maternity clothes! I have a full wardrobe to cover me through the rest of the pregnancy! :) Karen came over last week and took some pictures of my belly, which has started to grow!

Okay, so for the most part it looks like I have a pretty healthy beer gut but just you wait!!!

Yesterday a woman from the ward came over and gave me a great deep-tissue massage! Okay, she is a massage therapist and she charged me for it, but she gave me a good deal and did a great job. I really needed it! Sadly, when you really need a massage like that, it means you have lots of knots, scar tissue, and other tightness that needs rubbing out and that doesn't feel so good at first. I'm a little sore, but on the plus side my arm is feeling much much better! Without acupuncture my arm has gotten painful. I'm supposed to get it rubbed out regularly - proper deep tissue massage in the shoulder and upper arm, but it hurts like buggery and it's hard to get someone to do it for me since I cry and sometimes scream. Kelly didn't mind since she knew how helpful it would be to me.

The nausea is getting a lot better, but now I have regular palpitations. For the most part I don't mind them, they kind of tickle, but sometimes they hurt my head and make me feel ill. Don't worry, I saw a doctor about it and it's partly just me (I've had mild palpitations my whole life from time to time) and the severity is due to the increasing blood flow due to the twins. She assured me that it wouldn't affect the pregnancy, it will just make me feel crappy. There is nothing I can do about it for the most part. Drinking more water helps, but mainly I'm supposed to rest some more.

A lot of people e-mailed back to congratulate us on the pregnancy. I did get one comment to warn us that our lives will change once we have kids. Really? We had no idea! I wonder how old a person has to be before they stop getting told that kids will change their lives. We got this warning when we were ttc and asked a lot if we were sure about this, now I'm sure we'll get that line many more times over the next few months.

We know our lives will change and we're looking forward to it. We've given this a lot of thought (you'd have to when you go through such great lengths to get pregnant) and we are continuing to give it a lot of thought. We know things won't quite be the same for us, but how long do you continue with the same?

We've wanted this for so long. Childbearing is part of most people's lives and it's widely accepted that it's a change that many people welcome. We can't wait! And yes, we also know that no matter how much you prepare or know that things will change, it still isn't enough when the day actually comes and that you don't truly know how life changes until it happens. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The thing is, I know they mean well, but when I get told that I wonder if these people think I'm unfit for parenthood. I'm sure that's not what they mean, they're just trying to make conversation. It's just that after years of dealing with infertility, there are sore spots and scars and I know that it's difficult for many people to understand that.

I wonder if for the first several years people will ask us "how's parenthood?" or "how's family life?" just like for the first years of our marriage people had to ask "how's married life?" Please smack me if I ever ask such uncreative and somewhat insulting questions. Please also smack me if I ever make insensitive comments to people without children like "are you sure you want kids?" or "they'll change your life" or "just wait until you have kids" or "when you have children..." Ugh.

Again, I'm sure people mean well and are just making conversation. They just don't realize how condescending it is. Sorry, I got a little away from my point and went too far into some pet peeves. Hehe. Oops.

Happy April Fool's Day!


Baby Step said...

Hey Lizzy - cute pix, and those comments drive me buggy now, I am sure they drive you nutty too. Hope you get to tell everyone double good news soon!

karenf said...

A woman recently asked me if I was a "uptight" mom or a "relaxed" mom, sort of a weird question I thought. She went on to explain that she's a relaxed mom, and planning for a parenthood was easy. thinking it over, I remember when we were planning this step in lives, and we both agreed that parenting has been done since the dawn of man. How hard can it be? You have kids, you raise them the best you can, and the cycle continues. So I guess I'm a "relaxed" mom. Anyway, today, I think, sheesh! how did a caveman deal with a screaming 2 year old wanting a cookie? Well, I'm sure there was some kind of sweet thing back then... I guess my point is the more relaxed you are in planning, the more you want it, the more joy you get when you are woken up at 3am... And those people who say things that are unsensitive, well, (which I'm probably guilty of) you gotta take it with a grain of salt. And if you're quick enough, you can say something equally insensitive, i.e. honey, did you look at yourself before you left the house? your hair is a mess..

Anonymous said...

What a cute belly you have. I've had 5 kids, I'll never have a belly like that again!

I'll keep you in my prayers for these new little ones.

Take care,

jtguttman said...

You look great! If those comments drive you nuts, wait until the twin ones start. UGH! It makes you feel like you aren't doing a good enough job. Very annoying. Of course there are those nice people who make you feel like a supermom and you have to remember those people and ignore the rest.

Barb said...

You are cute! ANd cute top!!!

Daisy said...

Lizzy, you look absolutely beautiful and glowing!! I'm so over the moon for you! (and what a great background!)