Thursday, April 24, 2008

Going to Texas

Dave and I play a game called LineageII. It's a sort of role playing game with characters you develop and work on the get them more and more powerful. It's similar to World of Warcraft, actually. The game has its own currency and you try to earn more and more so you can get better weapons and armor. There are also sites that sell the currency, it's quite a racket. I like playing it because I can kill big ugly giant ants. My main character is Eluria, a level 60 (almost 61) sorceress. She blows things up with fireballs.

Dave started playing the game pretty much the day it launched years ago. He helped to form a clan, which had its ups and downs for a bit, but is now a pretty strong clan within the game. The clan is the Wolfriders and it is comprised of a lot of really nice people around the world, but mostly in the US. We are the only "clannies" on the West Coast, most everyone else is in the midwest or the south.

A bunch of them are getting together at the clan leader's house in Texas this weekend. We decided to join them. I don't really know what to expect. They are nice people, though, so it should be fun. I'm just a bit of a homebody at times and really need my personal space each day or I go a little batty. I hope I can remain pleasant through the entire weekend.

There isn't much else going on these days. I'm trying to find work, though it's a little more difficult to find something now that my restrictions are increased by the pregnancy. I'm still looking for the ideal job where I can work from home and set some of my own hours. I have a hearing with the Department of Labor regarding the Workers' Comp. case in about 2 weeks. I'm extremely nervous and stressed about this. It has been my experience that most of the dealings I've had with the DOL has been met with harrassment on their part and lots of sadness and stress on my part. Every time I think about this hearing, or even the Workers' Comp. situation, my heart rate increases and sometimes I start to hyperventillate. Not only do I have to suffer the permanent disability of RSD from the accident, I have to suffer the issues surrounding a Workers' Comp. claim - and that's not easy. It's hard for me to believe that there are people who fake injuries and take advantage. This stuff is really hard, stressful, and I just wish it were out of my life.


dayzofrain said...


Where in Texas? When?

Let me know so if you are near me you can meet up with me too.. and Rachel.. she lives here too!!

Lizzybo said...

We'll be flying into Houston then driving to Orange. I mentioned it to Dave that I wanted to hook up with some "loungers" but he wants to spend all of our available time with the clannies in Orange. Are you near Orange?

Barb said...

I'm so sorry about the worker's comp stuff. :(((

But SO FUN on the trip! I met my DH through the internet without even planning to.

Christina Adolph said...

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