Thursday, March 6, 2008

No complaints!

I dunno, maybe it's different when you try to conceive for years as opposed to months, or when you have to resort to expensive fertility treatments to get pregnant, but I just can't seem to relate to pregnancy complaints.

Sure, I have morning sickness, I want to sleep all day, food disgusts me, I have been struggling to not lose weight, to eat enough, drink enough, and move enough. I'm on "rest" orders and pelvic rest orders, and I'm really bored, but I am so happy to be in this position.

I'm delighted to finally know what morning sickness feels like. My Nurse Practitioner actually had to tell me what I had actually was morning sickness - I was blaming it all on "something I ate," "too much sleep," "too little sleep," "too hot," "too cold," "ate too much," "ate too little," "dehydrated," "drank too much water," etc. It's still difficult to actually acknowledge a lot of these things for what they are - real symptoms! Even the headaches I've been getting daily, it was my neighbor that told me my headaches were pregnancy related, I had no idea.

I know these feelings are not pleasant, but they are signs of pregnancy!

I go between bouts of insomnia at night and feeling so tired I can't move in the early afternoons. And with it all, I'm loving every minute of it!

I love that I have babies in my belly even though very soon that might become just one baby in my belly. I love that I can actually hold on to some hope of actually becoming a mother! I love that some day my house will be filled with the pitter-patter of little feet. I love the thought of growing old while watching my child(ren) grow. I love the possibility of having grandchildren.

I can't wait to outgrow all my clothes and have to wear maternity clothes even though I can't find anything I like, at least not yet. I love that Dave and I will have to budget more wisely and save $$ so we an afford children and afford to do our best by them.

I love that I can finally go to the baby sections of department stores and look at things I like and don't like instead of avoiding those areas with tears in my eyes. I love that I can look at other women with pregnant bellies and babies and feel a pure happiness for them without feeling sorry for myself.

I love that my doctor visits have gone from $120 for an ultrasound to check follicles in an effort to get pregnant to $0 for an ultrasound to see my babies! There is such joy in those ultrasounds now! I love that my health care provider loves pregnant women and offers excellent coverage for people having babies even though it means lots of appointments, classes, and tests. I love that my doctor wants me to get regular blood tests and urinalysis. I love that I am in the "pregnant" category and get to experience all these tests, even those that aren't so pleasant.

I love that people will no longer ask me when I'm having children and/or if I am considering it and/or why I don't have children.

I love that I'll have a big belly in the summer heat, though I do worry that the heat might be a little dangerous so I'm planning methods now for cooling off when I'll need it. Still, I love that I'll get to wear summer (icky-spot-friendly) maternity clothes!

I am just so very grateful to be in this position, I wouldn't dream of spoiling a minute of it by wishing I wouldn't have this symptom or that symptom. I feel bad seeing that so many others aren't so empassioned by their pregnancies. I guess it's all relative.


Barb said...

Lovely. :) We seem very similar in personality, you and I.

Freyja said...

It's all about perspective. They don't know lucky they are and you do. Kudos to you!

Karenf said...

Wow, twins! how exciting and oh boy, scary! We are happy for you and Dave! Horray! Somehow, When I read your posts, I thought to myself, "there is another one in there, just hiding"... :o) but I didn't want to say anything.

Lissa said...

This is exactly how I feel about pregnancy. I can't imagine ever complaining about any aspect of it. It's going to be a miracle when I do get pregnant and I will enjoy every little bit of it.

Daisy said...

That is so awesome!!!! I am truly over the moon for you!!

Baby Step said...

Thank you for not complaining!!