Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Erection Day!

Okay, that's a little gross and I'm sorry for the nasty pun. I thought I had to make up for the tear-jerker post yesterday.

I voted today. As a non-partisan I was kind of limited in my choices so I chose to vote as a Democrat. I was tempted to be a Republican for the day but the GOP decided to no longer allow non-partisans to participate in their primaries. Hmph! I guess they are trying to get people to get off the fence and register for their party - perhaps so they can get more funding?

Anyway, so I know it's bad mojo to discuss politics but it's just so interesting! I'll tell you, though, I didn't vote for Obama, even though to me both he and Hillary about about even keel (I like some of each of them, dislike some of each of them, and am disgusted with their behavior in this election). My vote was specifically against Obama, though, because his campaign called that day and asked me for money. I'm still a bit peeved about that (especially considering they took in over $32 million last month alone - they don't need my $$). Can you tell? Besides, I'm not so concerned about the Presidential Primary - it will be what it will be and anything is better than what we have now. Well, okay, maybe not Huckadoodle Hound.

Gee, I hope I'm not offending anyone checking out my blog.

Oh well. As Scarlett O'Hara says, "I won't think about that today, I'll worry about that tomorrow."

So, we had some important local issues on our ballot, which I believe is the main reason people should vote in the primaries and all elections. Otherwise, laws could get by without many people really participating. Today it was mainly about Indian gaming. Several tribes have negotiated a deal with the state so that they could build more casinos (mainly slots, I think) and there was a complicated division of the revenue set up. This was a controversial issue and both sides (for and against) spent over $100 million dollars campaigning their side. I won't tell you how I voted.

There was also another proposal for term limits for the state legislature. Still important, and also controversial. I also won't share how I voted. Anyway, I just think it's really important for people to pay attention to these things.

I like voting in person. My polling place is at a neighbor's house around the corner. His family is the original owner of all the land where my neighborhood is built. His lot is quite nice and he has a little guest house/converted garage (I think) where we vote. I like to go in person because it's nice to say hello to him (I only see him once or twice a year) and see the other neighbors as they go to vote. I also just really enjoy being part of the process. California has been trying to encourage as many people as possible to vote by mail but I don't want to do that just yet. I'd miss out on many of the things I like about election day. Plus, I probably would have voted for Edwards, and he dropped out of the race.

After voting I went to acupuncture. Robert, my acupuncturist has a strong accent but I understand him pretty well. Sometimes I have to work out what he's saying or ask him to repeat himself.

Sometimes it's a bit awkward. Like today, he wanted to put the needles and electrodes in my upper buttocks. Yes, in my bum. So, my skirt is pulled halfway down my cheeks and I have needles sticking out with electrodes attached to them (last time he put them in my head like antennae with the electrodes - I got some interesting alien communication during that session). So, I'm lying there with my head in the donut thing at the top of the table, bum in the open, and Robert takes a seat and starts chatting to me as he folds some rags.

He tells me about another patient of his that is an elderly nurse from Holland. He said she had an interesting story about WWII. You see, her fiance was picked up by the Nazis and she was informed that he died on the transport train from an explosion. Two years later he returned to her and they were over the moon to be reunited. The crux of the situation, however, was that he'd spent the last two years in a concentration camp. During his time there he was one of many that they medically experimented on. "The Nazis had cut his nerve and he could no longer get an erection."

Did I hear him right? Did he say erection? We had just been talking about the elections and now we're talking about erections?

Well, I was a little more embarrassed, but I quickly got over it because this was an interesting story. The Nazis cut a nerve in the poor guy's penis so that it made it impossible to ever get an erection. So, the couple married but through all their lives they couldn't have sex.

See how I tied my comments about Election Day to the title "Erection Day"? Hehehe


Norah said...

Now that's my kinda marriage! I'm just kidding. But how heart warming that erections were not an issue. True love : )
What did the aliens say?

Baby Step said...

I won't tell you how I voted on the Indian Gaming or the Term Limits either. :-)

kaaron said...

Hey there! It's been a while since you've posted. Hope you are doing well.