Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a roller coaster ride!

My lab test results are back to normal. My estradiol is above 500 now and my progesterone is .2. I'm quite confused.

The coordinator called and said it had to have been a lab error. She said that she and the doctor both had difficulty sleeping last night because they felt bad about my situation. That's very sweet of them. However, if the results had been right it would have meant that the doctor may have messed up, or the coordinator for cancelling my appointment. Still, even if there was something my doctor hadn't seen, or if I had that appointment, and I had ovulated, it would have just been caught earlier, that's all. It wouldn't have changed the outcome.

So, it's on the lab now. The lab must have messed up. Dave thinks that today's may be the error. Maybe, but not likely. My estradiol continues to go up, which doesn't correlate with the progesterone fluctuations. My coordinator thinks that yesterday's result was posted incorrectly, that it should have been .25 and not .2. The coordinator said she talked the doctor into having me continue as planned and get another blood test, otherwise this all would have been canceled yesterday without a second thought. Still, I'm not sure what the whole story is there. I'm all confused and I could even been reading deeper into some of these phone conversations with the coordinator and the doctor. All I really know now is that we are back in the game, at least until tomorrow morning.

I'm supposed to go back tomorrow for another ultrasound and blood work. I knew IVF had its ups and downs, I just didn't expect them to be this extreme. I'm getting a bit numb with it all.

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Barb said...

Wow! Craziness Lizzy! Here's to sending you all my good luck vibes since I'm not needing any at the moment. Oh... wait.. my gl vibes are pretty crappy. I'll just send you my "best wishes" thoughts instead. :)

Lovely to see you with a blog!!!