Sunday, January 27, 2008

No worries (I hope)

Thanks to a friend's advice, I called the case manager hotline at my clinic and told a nurse about the cramping and other pain I'm experiencing. The best way I can describe it is that it's like a milder version of how I felt after the retrieval and how I feel when I have OHSS. I feel like I have rocks in my groin (or very low belly). I know that feeling to be my ovaries, which hurt when I cough, sneeze, or use the toilet. My belly is getting a little bloated again, too. As mentioned yesterday, just mild walking around increases cramping as well as this pressure around my ovaries. Oh, and the tmi, I was a bit backed up. Sorry.

Anyway, the nurse said that these are all good signs of implantation! I sure hope so!! She said that even the "backing up" can be a sign because all of that slows down for a few days. She said that the ovaries are hopefully starting to get to work supporting the implanting embryo. Further, since I have a tendency toward OHSS, if there is HCG in my system, it can cause the swelling to come back and cause all of those feelings I mentioned.

Let's hope so! I'll take all of it if it means success.

She said to keep resting.

I'm bored, but content.

I'm learning to read outside the bathtub. I'm having difficulty getting to sleep, though, without the whole bath/reading thing. I'm trying to read a bit before bed, but it's not the same since I have done my bedtime routine most nights for years. The body will adjust, though.

Sorry I don't have much to write about today. I just wanted to say that according to my doctor there is nothing to worry about so long as I keep resting. :)


Hummingbird said...

Oooh! So hoping those are good cramps and that there is some serious implantation going on! Will keep you in my prayers!

Barb said...

What about a heating pad on your back or bum (note I didn't say around your midsection. :) and reading at the same time? That helps me relax immensely.

Norah said...

C'mon implantation !!!!

Daisy said...

I'm very very hopeful for you!!!