Thursday, January 24, 2008

Needles needles and more needles!

Last night's progesterone shot was nasty. Dave really did nick a vein that time. He said he saw the needle go right through the blue vein near the surface. It bled a lot but didn't really hurt until about 3-5 minutes after. Oh boy that hurt! I think the last one on that side also nicked a vein because it bled a lot, too, but it didn't hurt as bad as last night's shot. Perhaps they'll continue to get worse since he's now injecting into bruises.

Even on my day off from shots (a week ago today) I still had acupuncture. My acupuncturist puts in anywhere from 4 to about 25 needles in any one session. It depends on what is going on with me. I have too much heat in my yang, he says. "Too much heat energy!" It's funny how after 3 years of seeing him I can actually tell when my "heat" is worse and when it's not so bad.

When I was injecting the FSH meds there were as many as 3-4 shots per day. Now I'm down to 1 shot per day but it's a doozy. If this works I won't have a shot-free day for another month or so. Let's hope my bum continues to get jabbed for weeks to come and hope that they become easier.

Still, compared to what I expected they really aren't so bad. They hardly hurt going in, it's after that hurts. A nurse advised me to walk afterward so that's what I do and it helps a lot. She said if you don't walk it off, the progesterone can form a lump.

Ut oh. I just heard a siren get closer and closer until it stopped just outside my house. My first thought was for Mary, my elderly neighbor who has suffered chronic pain for years and now suffers from emphysema. I just looked and don't see an ambulance anywhere, so it's probably down the street or on the street behind us. Still, here I am complaining of needles and someone nearby is in a world of hurt.

I had a terrible nightmare last night. Actually, it was early this morning. I don't recall all of the details, but in the dream it was January 17th and I had planned to go to a motel to reclaim part of my soul from an evil room that took it years ago when I was a teenager. The room was 17B and I had reserved it in advance because the 17th was the only day for me to be able to reclaim that part of my soul and I had waited decades to do it. An aunt of mine, Elizabeth, agreed to go with me. In the dream, Elizabeth had a special talent. She could change form into a red patent-leather cat. So we get to the room but it's still occupied by the people that stayed in it the previous night and they wouldn't leave. The room had taken parts of their souls, too. The motel tried to get me to take another room, but no other room would do. I barged into the room and a woman in there started to tell me about the teenager who left part of her soul behind when she first stayed there and how now the room wants the rest of it - the room wanted the rest of my soul. I looked around for Elizabeth and couldn't find her. I opened the door to the bathroom and there was a young girl in there trying to drown Elizabeth in cat form in the bathtub. I heard crying and opened my eyes, waking up to Tempest, my kitty cat lying on my pillow and Dave giggling at him. The crying I heard was just Dave's giggle and Tempest had been tapping his face trying to get attention since he was getting no attention from me.

Tempest is locked in the house today and doesn't like it. We had our trees sprayed for dormant baddies today and have to wait for it all to dry before little kitty can go out to play. It's driving him nuts. He's looking for toys everywhere and just wants to play.

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kaaron said...

I, for one, am hoping your bum gets stabbed for a good little while! Eek on the nicked vein.