Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm a little bit pregnant, I'm a little bit rock and roll

It's a strange feeling knowing that I actually have real embryos in me trying to make their way into my endometrial lining. How exciting!

We had 3 embryos transferred today. Of the 6, all of them were still going strong by this morning. We have 2 grade I, 1 grade II, and the other 3 were a little overdeveloped (7, 8, 9 cells at good grades). We decided (with the doctor's advice) to transfer 3. We transferred the 2 grade I and the 1 grade II. The rest will try to make it to freeze. They only freeze blastocysts. We'll find out Thursday if any made it. They said it was about a 50% chance.

So, I have to make another correction. Boy, all of this is so complex, I get confused about so much information. At day 3, they are graded from I to V with V being the worst and I being the best. At day 5 the grading changes so that grade I is the worst. I know some IVF veterans know much more about this than I do.

I'm just taking it easy and resting the best that I can. I'm really tempted to change the sheets, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, clean the office... but Dave won't let me. He's sweet. He says if I really want it done, he'll do it tonight after work. :)

I'm watching "The Jerk" on Tivo. I love the line, "I was born a poor black child..." coming from Steve Martin. The movie is a classic and I can watch it several times.

Speaking of classics, I have my "Gone with the Wind" dvd all ready to play. Dave gave it to me for my birthday in anticipation of this rest period.

I love the feeling of having 3 little ones in me.

Originally I was referring to the 6 as Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan, and Cindy. I asked Dave what we'll call the 3 we put back and he doesn't want to tempt fate. So, I guess blobby 1, blobby 2, and blobby 3.


Norah said...

Woo Hoo ! And how sweet that he bought you the DVD in anticipation of your resting time.

Karen said...

That all 6 were still growing today is fantastic! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your outside embies to grow enough to freeze and for your inside embies to keep growing for 9 months.

Allison said...

The Jerk is my favorite all-time movie. Pizza in a cup - comic genius!

I also love the scene where he is leaving and picking up random things saying "I don't need ANYTHING - except this lamp...and this paddle ball game...and this..."

Lizzybo said...

Allison, that's my favorite scene and I feel I go through it myself whenever packing to go on vacation or leaving the house for more than a short duration.