Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dead Bodies

Last night we went to see the Body Worlds exhibition. It was at the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose. On the drive there the radio cut in with one of those emergency broadcast signals. It was telling us about a flash flood warning, then went on to talk about how police were evacuating the downtown business district. We thought they were talking about San Jose, but weren't sure because we missed the location. As it turned out, they were talking about San Anselmo. We made it to the exhibit just fine, but a bit wet just the same.

The exhibit was amazing! I was especially interested in the development of babies. I can see how it would be disturbing to some, though, as it might be disturbing to me at certain times. Fortunately, I'm in a place right now where I can handle it. Dave and I were able to watch a film on a developing embryo and point out how ours looked compared to the one in the film, and then we found an image of where our little ones will hopefully be in 1 week's time, 2 week's time, and so on. If this cycle fails, however, we would have had a very difficult time looking at this area of the exhibition.

That reminds me. I need to go visit a friend of mine, Anne, and her nearly 2-month-old baby. I was unable to visit earlier this month due to my being ill, and I must do it before the end of the week. If Friday's test is negative there is no telling when I might be emotionally ready enough to visit.

My ovaries started getting more painful again yesterday. It feels like the mild/moderate OHSS I had last weekend after ER (and get every time I use stims). I hope that's a good sign.

Dave's stir-crazy. He wants to go out and get some grocery shopping done. I should go with him, though it kind of hurts to walk. I don't know what to do. I don't want to rest too much, but I don't want to aggravate things by walking too much as it just increases my cramping. Is cramping bad? It could be a good sign, but is too much of it a bad thing? I know prostaglandins (which cause cramping) in excess can be bad for embryos, and uterine contractions can be bad, too, so does that mean that cramping is harmful? I wish I knew. I'm trying not to worry, as I'm sure worrying is worse for me than the cramping.


karenf said...

I've been thinking about you, and damn it! mean to call all the time. I hope the test is positive, and good things are in the works. I send good vibes this short 1 mile away. take it easy, and let us know if we can do anything, OK?

kaaron said...

Sounds like an amazing exhibit! Glad to read you are in a good place. Funny you mention going to see a friend before your beta. I have a friend who recently delivered and was planning to visit her during my 2ww also. Great minds think alike. I hope this cramping is a good sign for you.